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Mayo's Class Leaders

Class Leaders are appointed by the pastor. All members are assigned to a class by the pastor. The class leader must meet with the members to inquire how each soul prospers and the overall well being of the members. If a member is absence from church, the class leaders should contact them and/or visit them if necessary.


A total of 15 Classes exists including a New Members' Class and a class specifically for our youth..




Class Leader Duties and Responsibilities


1.  To meet the class once every week at the appointed place in order to disciple the members

2.  To visit those who may be absent in order to inquire how their souls prosper

3.  To advise, reprove, comfort, or exhort as occasion may require

4.  To receive from members financial obligations for the church, the sick, the Pastor, the Presiding Elder, etc

5.  To report on the temporal and spiritual condition of class members at the monthly Leadersí Meeting

6.  To make reports at the Quarterly Conference of dues collected and of duties performed

7.  To see that the sick and poor members have proper attention given them

8.  To apply through the Pastor to the Ministry of Kindness for means of relief for his/her needy members

Method of Appointment:

1.      Nomination of the Pastor.

2.      Confirmation of the Quarterly Conference.

Term and Time:

1. Elected for one year, subject to re-appointment.

2. Time needed on the job:

a. Time for Class Meetings once a week

b. Time for Leadersí Meetings once a month

c. Time to visit members when necessary (sick, needy, or delinquent)

d. Time for Quarterly Conference once a quarter

e. On call 24 hours (Sub-Pastor) for emergencies


To: Pastor, Preacherís Steward, and Quarterly Conference

For: The members of his/her respective class

Knowledge Needed:

1.   Methodist Doctrine and Discipline

2.   Laws, polity, and practices of the church as expressed in the Book of Discipline

3.  The Disciple Making Process

Skills Needed:

1.  Ability to witness to the gospel of the kingdom of God

2.  Ability to provide sub-pastoral oversight

3.  Ability to disciple others

4.  Ability to lead

Other Qualifications:

1.  Member in Full Connection (possesses saving faith in the Lord Jesus Christ)

2.  Member in good standing (attends faithfully the means of grace)

3.  Solid Piety (has moral character and spirituality maturity)

4.  Spiritual discernment

5.  5 Counseling skills

6.  Spiritual Maturity

7.  Genuine concern for spiritual welfare of his/her members

a.  Business Administration (finance, investments, recordkeeping)

Other Qualifications:

1.  Twenty-one (21) years of age

2.  Member in Full Connection (possesses saving faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, Tithes and supports )

3.  Member in good standing (attends faithfully the means of grace)

4.  Solid Piety (has moral character and spirituality maturity)



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