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  Steward Board  

Steward Board  Members

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The Steward Board constitute the Pastor's cabinet, and therefore they are an important factor in the running machinery of the church.  Stewards are the spiritual officers in the church, charged in part with temporal responsibilities; they serve three tables - the table of the Lord, the table of the Minister, and the table of the Poor.

The 2008-2009 Stewards are:

Norman Mason– (Co-Chairperson)

Rose Reynolds– (Co-Chairperson)

Carmen Armstrong

Lynda Bozeman

Lynn Ford

Miriam Hayes

Lemuel Roiser

Will Veasley

Elaine Haynes – (Emeritus)



Their Duties and Responsibilities are as follows:

  1. To raise required funds necessary for the support of the Pastor, and to provide housing and other benefits as outlined in our book of Doctrine and Discipline
  2. To raise required funds necessary for the support of the Presiding Elder
  3. To make an exact account of all money collected for the support of the church and Ministry
  4. To keep a strict record of all activities of the membership (Probationary and full members, sick and shut in, Baptisms, Marriages, and deaths)
  5. To make monthly a State of the Church report to the Pastor that includes activities of the membership, spiritual condition of the church and funds collected and expended.
  6. To seek to relieve the needy and distressed members
  7. To perform all other duties and responsibilities outlined in our book of Doctrine and Discipline
  8. To uphold the laws of the land and practices of the church

Method of Appointment:

  1.  Nomination of the Pastor
  2.  Confirmation of the Quarterly Conference

Term and Time:

  1.  Elected for one year, subject to re-appointment
  2. Time needed on the job:
    • Sunday and other services (collect and count offerings)
    • Time to provide Spiritual leadership and ministry to the congregation (to relieve the needy and distressed members)
    •  Time to care for the Pastor and family, and to provide for the parsonage (if provided)
    • Time for attending Steward Board, Official Boards, Quarterly Conferences, and other church meetings


  1. To: Quarterly Conference, Pastor’s Steward, and Pastor
  2.  For: Finances, ministry, the Pastor and his family

Knowledge Needed:

  1.  African Methodist Episcopal Church Doctrine and Discipline
  2. Laws, polity, and practices of the church as expressed in the Book of Discipline
  3. Needs of the Pastor, his/her family, and the parsonage

Skills Needed:

  1. Ability to witness the Gospel of the kingdom of God
  2.  Ability to transact the temporal business of the Church
  3. Ability to lead and work well with others
  4. Business Administration (finance, investments, recordkeeping)

Other Qualifications:

  1.  Member in Full Connection (possesses saving faith in the Lord Jesus Christ)
  2. Member in good standing (attends faithfully the means of grace)
  3. Solid Piety (has moral character and spirituality maturity) 
  4.  A genuine concern for the welfare of the Pastor and his/her family



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